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Updated 2nd May 2004

For gentlemen of a certain age (those of us who were in their teens in the late 1950's, the 60's or the '70's) there is an irresistible nostalgic appeal to the pictures of a pair of stockings showing that bare strip of thigh above the stocking top.

We called it 'The Gigglestrip' because if you got that far - you were laughing!

Magazines such as Escort, Fiesta, Mayfair, Club International, Playboy and, most especially, Spick, Span and Beautiful Britons were eagerly awaited every month and equally eagerly devoured from cover to cover.

For me, these pictures have style and class, something that seems to be sadly missing from modern pictures.

However, enough of my rabbiting on - on to the pictures. Click a Gallery and wallow in nostalgia!

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